‘Very Good Chance' Ellis Becomes a Giant

Mark Ellis is the longest-tenured member of the Oakland Athletics, but soon he might find himself the newest member of the San Francisco Giants.

At least, that's the "widespread belief" of many folks in the Bay Area, according to the San Francisco Chronicle's Susan Slusser.

"I think there's a very good chance," an industry insider told Slusser Wednesday.

The legs of this rumor began over the weekend, as the Chron's Henry Schulman reported that the Giants "asked questions" about Ellis over the weekend.

The logic behind the possible trade is pretty simple: the Giants lack any sort of offense, they need help in the infield thanks to injuries, and Ellis, a 34-year-old, might suddenly be expendable.

That's thanks to Jemile Weeks, the youngster Oakland picked up early in the 2008 MLB Draft, who happens to be hitting .362 since being called up after Ellis hurt his hamstring.

In that time fortunately, Ellis is taking it pretty well.

"I told [Manager Bob Melvin] to put me wherever he wants to," Ellis said. "I told him not to worry about me. He doesn't need to be thinking about me, it's about the team.

"Jemile is playing too well to take him out. He's provided a spark. You can't take him out. ... I hope he does well and plays 10 years in Oakland."

Melvin heeded the vet's advice on Thursday, too, slotting him in at first base for the first time in his career. Again, he is 34-years-old.

Ellis, then, would probably fit well with what the Giants are trying to do. He'd get to jump to a winner without having to move geographically (always a plus for entrenched veterans), and he'd join a clubhouse of mostly veteran "misfits" and probably slide in with ease.

However, there are some issues. For starters, he's a versatile piece for Oakland (see: starting at first base) who can back up most infield positions.

And Ellis is making $6 million this year, which doesn't exactly make him cheap. (Though compared to Miguel Tejada ...) And, per Rotoworld, he's got a club option for 2011, though he also has a $500,000 buyout.

Maybe the most interesting barrier, though, as pointed out by Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors, is that Billy Beane and Brian Sabean -- the two longest-tenured general managers in baseball -- have never partnered for a trade.

So while it may seem like a given because Ellis meets the Giants needs and Oakland could want to move him, don't lock anything in quite yet.

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