Marquese Chriss Explains Main Area of Focus While Playing for Warriors

Despite the fact there are people within the organization who reportedly have "petitioned" general manager Bob Myers to get him on the roster, Marquese Chriss is well aware that he might not open the regular season with the Warriors.

He's currently with Golden State on a non-guaranteed contract.

"I thank them for trusting me and bringing me into camp and giving me an opportunity to show what I can do," the big man told reporters Wednesday after practice. "They're in a tough situation with their hard cap.

"But I'm just trying to make the most out of it, whether it be here or somewhere else. I just want to take whatever I learn here and build from it to help myself be a better player."

In order for Chriss to be in a Dubs uniform against the Clippers on Opening Night, the Warriors' front office would need to either cut Alfonzo McKinnie (his contract doesn't become full guaranteed until early January) or trade Omari Spellman or Jacob Evans without acquiring a player in return.

The other option would be putting the 22-year-old on a two-way contract, but that would mean parting ways with either Damion Lee or Ky Bowman.

Plus, signing a two-way deal doesn't sound like something Chriss is planning on doing anytime soon.

"I don't know at this point. I want to be in the NBA right now," he said Wednesday. "If it comes down to it, that's something I would have to consider or something I would have to think about."

For now, the No. 8 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft simply is focusing on his game and contributing anyway possible.

"I play well in the DHO (dribble hand-off), I set screens, I pass the ball, I rebound," he told reporters. "I think the biggest thing is just getting the scorers open. We have amazing shooters and amazing scorers.

"Getting those guys the ball in the spots that they can score is the biggest thing for me. I think the screens I was setting (in the preseason opener against the Lakers), I kind of didn't have to. I'm not used to not having to set screens and people still making shots.

"It's different. Just getting in the way of people is enough sometimes."

Chriss -- who fouled out in 14 minutes -- was called for multiple moving screens last Saturday, including this one:

He clearly was told by the coaching staff to focus on screening, and he took it to heart. Let's see how he adjusts in tonight's preseason matchup against the Timberwolves.

If he impresses again, the pressure on Dubs management will continue to grow.

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