Matt Cain and “Mythbusters” At San Jose’s Tech Museum Break Stuff

Cain's aim is almost too accurate. Should Mythbusters investigate?

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The Giants pitchers are eerily on target these days, dominating the Detroit Tigers and The World Series. 

The team's ace, in-between starts, is launching bombs not at Tigers, though, but at watermelons, pizzas, and anything else the Mythbuster team can throw.

The below video sent to us by our friends at San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation, shows Cain and two of the Mythbusters playing a modified game of skeet shooting, with a baseball.

 It's super cool, and Cain is super accurate.

Almost too accurate.

Do the 'Busters need to investigate?

We should mention that the Mythbusters recently opened an exhibit at The Tech - Matt Cain not included.

Scott, who can’t hit water from a boat, is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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