Matt Cain's Finger Is Just Fine

Matt Cain got plunked in the hand by Daniel Hudson on Thursday night when he went to square for a bunt. Hudson's ball tagged Cain's pitching finger and it looked, for a moment, that it could be a serious injury.

Fortunately, he's going to be just fine -- in fact, he stayed in the game. But if you saw a reply of the pitch, you probably cringed.

If you saw it live, well, you all but certainly lost your mind in fear/anger/unexplained emotions:

Actually, those are the only tweets I could include, since the rest of the ones that went down when Cain got pegged would absolutely get me fired if I reprinted them. (So, um, congrats @JoeyBoxCar?)

Oh, and by the way, Cain came right back on the next pitch, laid down a bunt and then kept pitching. He's pretty tough. And, according to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury-News, pretty goshdarn polite.

Matt Cain is so polite. When I asked how his fingers were doing a day after getting struck by a pitch, not only did he answer my question, but he held up a middle finger to show me he was OK.

 Like I mentioned, what a polite young man.

So very much Matt Cain right there.

Good news all around if he's making jokes about the finger and any potential injury. I'm personally going to wait and see how he does in his next start before I give my full Dr. Brinson seal of approval, but suffice to say, it's very good news when your 1A pitcher gets a finger on his pitching hand smashed by a 90 MPH pitch and somehow avoids a serious injury.

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