McCovey Cove’s First Ever Water Polo Match

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Sage Mark Middle School/Granby Memorial Middle School

There are two brand new sporting events coming to AT&T Park this weekend.

First, the Cal football team will play it's season opener inside the park. The team needed the new digs this season because Memorial Stadium is undergoing a much-needed retrofit.

Second, Cal alum will play a water polo game outside the park in McCovey Cove. The match will be the first ever for the league and for the cove.

You'll need a ticket to get in the football game, but the water polo game is free to anyone who wants to grab a rock or stand along the pier.

The polo is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. The match is between the UC Berkeley Cal Alumni Water Polo Players and The Olympic Club Water Polo Team.

The effort is the real deal. There will be a full 25 yard course set up inside the cove with two goals, four 10 minute quarters, a shot clock, a scoreboard, a referee, and numerous wetsuits.

The alumni players note that leagues in Europe play in the ocean, so why not give it a go here?

This is a first for McCovey Cove.

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