Meet Brandon Belt

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom knows a good storyline when they see it.

The might be in the animal business, but the marketing folks in Vallejo must also be Giants fans, because they have taken hold of the team's hottest player's new nickname and turned an average birth into a little bit of news.

A male giraffe calf was born last Friday and they have named him Brandon Belt.

Belt has been nicknamed "baby giraffe" by announcers Kuip and Kype so it makes sense that a baby giraffe would be named Brandon.

Six Flags says the birth is the second successful offspring of seven-year-old mother Makali, a reticulated giraffe, and the sire, seven-year-old Nyumekye, a male that had been on loan from Safari West in Santa Rosa. 

The giraffe Brandon Belt is currently 6’2” tall.  The human Belt is 6'5". 

The animal will quickly grow past his human namesake growing to upwards of 18 feet.

"While our goal is to ensure the health and welfare of our animals, we are thrilled to be able to have some fun in partnership with a great young player like Brandon and the Giants organization," said Dale Kaetzel, Park President.

And while we only have a still photo of the two right now, Brandon the player and Brandon the giraffe calf are supposed to meet in person this week.

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