Melky ‘Doesn't Need a Break'

Thus far, Melky Cabrera's been a very pleasant addition to the San Francisco Giants. And, according to Bruce Bochy, he's the kind of guy who "doesn't need a break."

It's early in 2012 -- like, ridiculously early -- but the results from the trade for Melky Cabrera are already positive for the Giants.

Melky's got six hits in four games, one home run, one double and an OPS+ of 158. Again, very early. Very early. But the early results are good for Melky and there's even better news: dude doesn't need a break, Bruce Bochy says.

"He takes care of himself," Bochy said recently. "He's got a great work ethic and he's one of those guys who is so durable. He goes out there every day. You can forget about him. He's one of those guys we're talking about, who doesn't need a break mentally."

So he's like the opposite if Jonathan Sanchez? HEY-O. Just kidding. Kind of.

Look, Sanchez was great for the Giants, but I thought at the time that Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy got a steal in the trade with the Royals. Melky was, I wrote, "sneakily good" in 2011.

And that might understating things -- Melky actually posted a 121 OPS+ last season, while stealing 20 bases and hitting 18 home runs.

He also whacked a career-high 44 doubles (the homers and swipes were career highs too) and was an extremely productive player that no one saw producing because he was playing in Kansas City and didn't get nearly as much attention as guys like Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer and the rest of the studly prospects the Royals have.

Now he is getting that attention, and if he keeps up his torrid early-season pace and plays almost every single day -- as Bochy expects -- don't expect Giants fans to overlook him.

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