Melky Might Face More Punishment: Report

Melky Cabrera is in the middle of a 50-game suspension for a positive testosterone test that'll keep him out of the regular season.

Seems simple enough right? Well, it might not be. Over the weekend, Melky was implicated in one of the more bizarre scandals we've seen, involving a website someone that may or may not be connected with his agents created in order to throw MLB off his scent.

This reported scheme backfired and, according to Jon Heyman of, now Melky could end up facing more punishment as a result.

"All options are in play with this situation,'' a source told Heyman when asked about what else MLB could hit Melky with.

The goal of Melky's website was to create a "trail of digital breadcrumbs" that would give Cabrera a basis for appealing his suspension on the grounds that he accidentally ingested the supplement.

But because MLB doesn't employ a bunch of people stuck on dial-up to handle their investigations, they figured out what was going on rather quickly. Melky and his representatives bailed on their appeal, and now they're hoping, apparently, to avoid further punishment.

As Heyman points out, there isn't exactly a standard punishment for "trying to perpetrate fraud on MLB" (which sounds REALLY bad when you say it like that, huh?) but it's possible that because Melky failed a test, tried to mislead the league and ultimately got caught that Selig could basically do whatever he wanted in this instance.

One good place to start, if you're Selig and want to avoid a particularly awkward controversy, might be to eliminate Melky from contention for the National League batting title.

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