Melky Playoff Decision Could Come Thursday

With the Giants having clinched the National League West and a playoff spot as a result, there's only some practical matters to take care of in advance of the postseason.

One of those is confirming their plans with suspended star Melky Cabrera. And while Sergio Romo would love the team to bring Melky back once his suspension's over, it sure sounds like the team will announce on Thursday that they're moving on without the outfielder.

"We'll discuss that. We'll probably have something before the end of this homestand as far as Melky," Bochy said. "We're talking about a lot of things, and that's one of them. I'll probably have an answer for you before we leave here to go down to San Diego. I think both on our side and Melky's side, you're getting down to the time period where he can start working out and doing some things. I think he needs to know and we need to know."

Melky could potentially play in the Giants sixth playoff game, which could potentially come during the National League Championship Series, should the Giants make it that far.

But based on what Bochy said during an appearance on Sirius XM Radio's "Inside Pitch" Tuesday, it sure doesn't sound like he thinks Melky will be ready to play, even if the Giants wanted to let him.

"It's not like he can play anywhere ... face some good competition on the rehab," Bochy said. "That's what you have to look at. When you bring back somebody who's been on the DL for an extended period it takes time to be ready. It's not that easy a game."

In other words, Melky might want to be back and some of his teammates might want him to be back, but it doesn't really matter because the front office doesn't want to create a stink and has a convenient excuse to hold him out. Also, other players!

"Of course you're looking at the guys that you have. (Gregor) Blanco's done a good job, and (Xavier) Nady, he's really coming on and swinging the bat well," Bochy said. "That's what we have to look at. What's going to be more valuable to us? Somebody who hasn't been playing or the guys who have been here playing, and things have been going well here."

Since Melky's suspension on August 15th, the Giants have also been white hot. At the time they were 64-54 overall and one game back of the Dodgers in the division. Now they're 89-65 and 10 games up on L.A. That's an insanely hot run following the loss of their best hitter.

It shows you just how galvanized this team became with the loss of Melky. And it's further proof as to why they shouldn't need or want to bring him along for the playoffs.

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