PyeongChang 2018: Musical Milestones in Figure Skating

Figure skating, a perennial favorite of the Winter Olympics, is off and running with the team figure skating event. Plus, we'll head to the slopes for slopestyle and a look at the unique course design. And, of course, we'll be scouring the Internet to bring you the best from the #WinterOlympics and the moments everyone is talking about. If you see something you think we should include here, tweet us @nbcbayarea. Here we go!

What Song Was That? 

New this year, skaters are allowed to skate to music with lyrics, and it's making for some fun song selections. Here's a sampling of some of our faves:

Despacito, Magalenha, Aguanile, Mambo No. 5, Run the World (Girls), and I Like It Like That, just to name a few.

WATCH: Virtue, Moir Practice 'Moulin Rouge' Free Dance

>> Watch what happened here during the team event short dance

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