Vick's MVP Pick? It's Mike Vick

Mike Vick has looked like Superman since taking over as the Eagles QB this season -- a fact that hasn’t been lost on the Eagles QB.

Vick would pick himself as NFL MVP, he told reporters after practice Friday.

“You put me on the spot,” he said with a laugh.

Then with a smile he added: “I would pick -- myself.”

What, no Tom Brady? The Pats QB who unlike Vick has started every game this season would be my pick and likely the average fans as well since he beat out Vick on fan Pro Bowl voting.

Vick must have listened to some Philly sports radio this week where the topic of Vick over Brady has lit up the phone lines.

So is Vick being coy?

Modesty is something Vick was never known for back in his Atlanta Falcons days. But after spending two seasons away from the game as he served time in federal prison following his dogfighting conviction, he has become humbled and even the role model of being given a second chance.

And even if he realizes how great he has been on the field -- getting his life together off the field still seems to be the focus.

“I'm just blessed to be here,” Vick said. “I spent two Christmases in Kansas, and that was by far the toughest thing I've had to do. Each and every year I always reflect on that, and I think it will always make the holiday season more gratifying.

“(I'm) just thankful for a lot, thankful for the opportunities that I've been given, thankful for the blessings, and hopefully they'll continue to come.”

Hopefully all Eagles fans will feel blessed after Sunday. The 10-4 Eagles could clinch the NFC East title by either beating back the hapless Vikings (5-8) or by the Packers taking down the second-place Giants in Green Bay.

As for the MVP vote -- if Vick takes the Eagles to their fifth victory on prime time TV in the last seven weeks -- while clinching the division crown -- then it could be tough to deny him the award. Even if Tom Brady is the sexier pick.

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