NBA Players Convinced Andre Iguodala Going to Lakers, ESPN Reporter Says

Warriors fans are hurting after Thursday night's 141-122 blowout loss to the Clippers in the season opener.

And the latest update on former Golden State forward Andre Iguodala only will make things worse.

On the most recent episode of "The Hoop Collective" podcast with ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the hosts were talking about how the Lakers don't have anybody who can remotely defend Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard.

This led to the following exchange:

Windhorst: "Iguodala may not have it left in the tank, but that's why where Iguodala goes is just gonna be so fascinating."

Jackie MacMullan: "We know where he's going. Wait a minute, we know where he's going. He's going to the Lakers. Come on now. I've had four different players tell me. Every player I talk to tells me that."

Windhorst: "If he gets bought out, that's not a guarantee it's gonna happen."

As you probably are aware -- the 2015 NBA Finals MVP is waiting for the Grizzlies to find a trade partner. But it's very possible that conversations with other teams won't intensify until we get closer to the early February trade deadline.

A buyout is the last resort for Memphis, and Iguodala will have to remain patient.

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As for what MacMullan said about the Lakers -- ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski said the following two weeks ago:

"It's the two LA teams. It's the Lakers and it's the Clippers. And if there is a buyout at some point -- if Memphis can't trade him -- that's where that will come down to, those two teams."

Keep in mind that Iguodala's former agent -- Rob Pelinka -- is the Lakers general manager.

We shall see.

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