How Warriors Could Spend Between $315M to $415M This Offseason

How Warriors could spend $315M to $415M this offseason originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The Warriors face a crucial upcoming NBA offseason after failing to make the playoffs, thanks to losing both of their play-in tournament games. 

Will Steph Curry sign a historic contract extension? Is Kelly Oubre Jr. coming back? How will the ping pong balls fall in the NBA Draft Lottery? Those are just a few of the questions the front office must answer. 

No matter what happens, though, Joe Lacob and Co. will be paying a hefty bill. ESPN's Bobby Marks broke down what kind of bill the Warriors could be looking at. 

Before even getting into the brass tacks of things, it should be noted that between the contracts of Curry, Klay Thompson -- who has missed the last two seasons to injury -- Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, the Warriors already are over the $136 million tax threshold before free agency. 

If the Warriors choose Option A of Marks' four roads, which is adding one lottery pick and three free agents to minimum deals, the Warriors would pay $315 million. That's $171 million in salaries and $144 million in the tax penalty. But if the Warriors go all the way to Option D, which is one lottery pick plus one minimum-contract free agent and bringing back Oubre at $10 million per year, the Warriors then would be spending $415 million. 

That scenario would amount to $184 million in salary and $231 million in the tax penalty. 

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Marks did note one way the Warriors could save money. The Warriors have a $116 million tax bill for the 2020-21 season, which likely will fall to around $60 million due to revenue loss during this season.

Lacob wants to win. He has made that loud and clear. But how much is he willing to spend? 

We soon will find out.

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