Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper Reflect on 30 Years as Giants Broadcasters

Just two games into their 30th season together, Mike Krukow got to hear his broadcast partner's favorite catchphrase in all its glory. When Mike Yastrzemski hit a game-winning shot in the ninth inning Wednesday, Duane Kuiper matched the moment. 

"High drive to right! Headed to the water ... it ... is ... outta ... here!" he yelled. 

Krukow chuckled softly into his own microphone. A day later, he said that of all of the Kuiperisms, that one is the one that stands out.

"My favorite is 'it's outta here!' That's my favorite," Krukow said. "And we got to say it last night, which was nice."

The win was the signature moment thus far of what is the 30th year together for Kruk and Kuip. They were celebrated during Thursday's game, with Amy Gutierrez presenting them commemorative t-shirts and cupcakes in the bottom of the second inning. 

"In all honesty, the first time Mike and I realized this was 30 years was when we did the pre-game hit," Kuiper said.

"We got to the ballpark and there was a cupcake that said 'happy 30th' and I'm going, 30 years, really?'" Krukow added.

"We're really the lucky ones because we've gotten a chance to do this together," Kuiper said. "I mean, look, I've had to carry the load, but you know what, I didn't even mind."

In classic Kruk and Kuip form, they mixed humor with calling the game. As they held t-shirts up in the booth, Evan Longoria hit a bloop single to right in his first at-bat back from the injured list. 

"Longoria is going to dump one in, in honor of our 30 years, that's great," Kuiper said. "He's one for one."

Those 30 years have been commemorated on the broadcast level, where Kruk and Kuip are sitting a few feet away but in separate booths so that they can be socially distanced. Both have screens behind them with some of their best sayings. 

It's a cool tribute to careers that are forever linked and should land the two friends in the Hall of Fame one day.

"Each one probably has a story behind it," Kuiper said. "It's the history of us being together, and I'm sure he'll come up with some new ones and I will too."

The screen behind Kuiper includes "got him" (for strikeouts), "gamer babe, "rhino yawn" (Krukow's exaggerated reaction to a fan yawning in the seats), "he's giving him the stank eye" and much more. 

The one behind Krukow is full of gems that are just as familiar to Giants fans. There's "ownage is ownage," which works in any walk of life, and "in the squaaaaat," which Krukow says every night when going over the lineups and revealing that night's catcher. 

"I probably get more enjoyment out of some of the ones that he's come up with," Kuiper said. "He said it last night, and he's been saying it for I don't know how many years. He just told some guy to 'grab some pine' and it's perfect. It's just perfect. 'Grab some pine, meat.' That's always probably going to be my favorite because I heard him say that back in 1983 when we first became teammates."

The two played together for three seasons with the Giants and have spent the last three decades bringing that unique friendship to fans. Kuiper said their best sayings bring back memories of how they came about and some of their great moments in the booth together. Most of them are hilarious, too. 

"We walked in there and started reading this thing and laughed," Krukow said. 

The one that may lead to some of the most laughter is right behind Krukow's shoulder during the broadcasts. During a game at Chase Field seven years ago, Pablo Sandoval charged a slow roller to third. 

"This is going to be a tough play," Kuiper said. "Sandovaaaaal ... dag yabbel got 'em!" 

Another classic to be added to their long list. And Kuiper still has no idea what he meant by it. 

"To this day I have no clue where that came from," he said. "It's almost as if some alien jumped into my body and said that. I can't even come up with what I was thinking and it came out like that: Dag yabbel got 'em. No idea what I meant. It's baffling."

The best Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper sayings in 30 years as Giants broadcasters originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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