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Mixed Feelings in Santa Clara Over 49ers Super Bowl Hype

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Santa Clara is mentioned prominently when the 49ers play at home on television, but many scenery shots are of San Francisco.

Now, as the Super Bowl looms, Santa Clara remains somewhat overshadowed. There are some local displays, but fans we talked to are disappointed there are no city celebrations.

"We've actually, as residents here, kind of gave up a lot to have the Niners here," Santa Clara resident Kristine Szczepanski said. "So it'd be nice if we had something to celebrate that they're here."

Numerous legal battles between the team and the city over operations certainly created the public recognition.

"I like seeing pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge," Former Vice Mayor Kevin Moore said. "I'd like to see one of the Mission as well. But there's room for both cities."

Former Santa Clara Mayor Patricia Mahan said she knows there will be a big parade that will happen in the city.

"And that's fine, but we should be doing some things here," Mahan said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Santa Clara 49ers booster club said she still remembers what the team owner said at a council meeting when the 49ers first wanted to come.

"Jed York spoke up and said that the 49ers would be happy to pay for the parade here in Santa Clara," said Lisa Santillan, co-president of the Gold Rushers.

Fans on Wednesday said they would welcome a parade in the South Bay.

"That would be awesome," Santa Clara resident Andrea Jones said. "Maybe we'll have our own little parade down Great America."

The 49ers are not commenting on anything but the Super Bowl game itself.

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmore said "What's good for the 49ers is good for Santa Clara."

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