NFL Draft Prospect Kyler Murray's Interview With Dan Patrick Got Awkward

Kyler Murray made the rounds during Super Bowl week, conducting interviews with several national media outlets in Atlanta.

While he provided some interesting answers on Thursday, no interview was more awkward than the one he did with Dan Patrick on Friday morning.

It's clear from the video that Murray believes Patrick was trying to bait him into an answer that might tip his hand about whether he will pick football or baseball.

It's didn't go well and led to lengthy awkward silences.

You can watch the video below, but here are a few of the odd exchanges:

Dan Patrick: How's that NFL football feel?


DP: I'm not trying to bait you into a decision. I just want to know how that felt. It's different than a college football.

Kyler Murray: It needs to be broken in.

DP: A little bit?

KM: A lot bit.

DP: Well, you can do that your rookie year.


DP: Wait, are we not going to get along here if I do this?

KM: We can do it.

DP: Okay, let me try this again. Hey, what did you think of that NFL football?



DP: Are you going to the combine?

KM: I don't know.

DP: [Screams off set at Kyler Murray's dad Kevin] Dad, is he going to the combine? Dad had no comment there.

DP: Pro Day?

KM: That's after ...

DP: Yeah, are you going to do a Pro Day?


KM: Yeah, I guess if you want to say. Yeah.

DP: It's okay. You can have a Pro Day.

KM: That would imply that I was going to play football.

DP: You're going to have a Pro Day?


DP: When do you report for the Oakland A's?

KM: Febuary 15.

DP: Oh, you knew that. So you're ready to go do that?


DP: Wait, are you going to spring training?

KM: I don't know.

DP: Wait, you don't know? Dad, is he going to spring training? Another 'no comment' here.


DP: How tough is it that you're doing this with Gatorade, but you know, every place you go is going to ask you the same question?

KM: I'm getting pretty good at answer these questions ...

DP: No, you're not answering them.

KM: Exactly.

DP: You're shaking me off. I feel like I'm trying to tackle you.

KM: Everybody keeps asking me the same questions, but those soon will be answered.

DP: How long was it before I brought up the following ... I didn't ask about his height.

Producer, off camera: 11 minutes, you didn't bring it up.

DP: That's got to be a record, right?

KM: I was told you were going to be pretty harsh.

DP: Harsh? No, I'm just straight. I'm just honest.


Watch the full interview here:

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