“We Go Together Like Salt and Goepper”: Skier Nick Goepper's Valentine Request Goes Viral

Scores of females have shot their own videos, making their plea for a date with the Olympian.

American slopestyle skier Nick Goepper knows how to win medals — and girls' hearts.

Goepper invited women across the globe to compete for a dream date with the Olympian after he won bronze in Sochi. One woman who serenaded Goepper with a song in a video on her YouTube page appeared to be an early frontrunner.

But others were not discouraged by the tune. Instead, Goepper's invitation caused a Twitter storm, with ladies who vied for Goepper's love sending the hashtag #iwanttodatenick trending.

Scores of females have shot their own videos pleading for a date with the 19-year-old from Indiana. Some have even photoshopped their way into Goepper's arms.

But you can't blame them trying. After all, skier Gus Kenworthy was apparently able to woo Miley Cyrus with the microblogging site.

See some of those pining for Goepper below:

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