No Giant Suspensions Following Friday Brawl

Major League Baseball handed out its punishments for Friday night's bench clearing brawl and from the looks of it the Giants got off easy.

Eli Whiteside, who did a nice impersonation of boxer at the start of the rukus, and Ramon Ramirez, who threw the pitch that started the whole thing, reportedly both side-stepped being suspended and got off with a fine for their roles in the fight.  Pablo Sandoval didn't even get that, even though he can be seen in replay with a clinched fist aimed at people wearing red.

See fight here if you missed it.

Phillies hitter Shane Victorino got the real deal and was handed down a three-game suspension, which is appealing. Victorino will continue to play while that appeal is pending so he is in the line up Monday night against the Dodgers.

The fight was sparked after Ramirez hit Victorino in the lower back in the sixth inning.  The plunking happened after another Phillie stole second base even though they had a six run lead at the time.

One of the reasons Victorino may have gotten the brunt of the punishment is because he pushed plate umpire Mike Muchlinski trying to get back into the fracas.  His second wind nearly doubled the time of the incident which lasted 1:40.

The dollar amount of the fines was not known, but whatever the cost it is better for the Giants to keep their players in the line up.

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