No Resolution Yet for Draymond Green's Assault Charge

Draymond Green's pending criminal case for allegedly slapping a man outside a bar in East Lansing, Michigan is set to continue after Thursday's pretrial conference failed to conjure a plea agreement. 

The Warriors power forward, who faces a misdemeanor charge of assault or assault and battery, attended the hearing via phone from Las Vegas. His attorneys told MLive after the conference that they are hopeful the case would be resolved in a manner that would not conflict with Green's participation in the Olympic Games or training with the Warriors next season.

An attorney for Green told the Lansing State Journal that he would ask for a trial date between the two major sporting events if a plea agreement can't be reached. 

The fan-favorite NBA player, 26, is facing the possibility of $500 in fines and a maximum 90-day-jail sentence for allegedly giving an open-handed slap to a ormer Michigan State football player, Jermaine Edmondson, on July 10. At the time of his arrest, Green had a blood alcohol level of .10. It's rumored that Edmondson and Green had gotten into a verbal spat regarding the NBA Finals, which the Warriors lost in Game 7 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

According to a police report, Green said "he was sorry" at the time of his arrest and sought "to make things right." 

Green, who is an alumni of Michigan State, is a familiar face in East Lansing and has donated frequently to the university. He will now have to schedule another pretrial conference and then attend mandatory jury selection.  

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