Oakland Raiders' Police Escort Through Napa Valley Irks County Sheriff

Oakland police never told authorities in Napa County they planned to escort team buses with lights and sirens on, the sheriff claims

Napa County officials are not happy with the “reckless” manner in which the Oakland Police Department led a motorcade of Raiders buses out of town last week – and they're letting them know about it.

In a letter sent to Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent, Napa County Sheriff John Robertson says on Aug. 21 Oakland police shut down busy wine country roads, including Highway 29, to escort Raiders’ team buses from training camp in Napa to Oakland.

The letter claims Oakland motorcycle cops, with lights and sirens on, led four buses through town as school children were trying to cross busy streets. American Canyon City Manager Jimmy Hong said the special treatment inconvenienced a lot of people.

“We certainly would like it not to happen again,” Hong said. “It’s inappropriate to be giving a code three escort to a football team through our town when parents are trying to get to their kids. It’s already crowded enough.”

Roberston says his department was never notified about Oakland's plans and called the motorcade “unbelievable.”

Attempts to reach Chief Whent for comment were not immediately successful.

The team has brand new practice fields in Napa to go along with an 18,500-square-foot building that features four times as much equipment as the old weight room, along with a turf field for walkthroughs and other exercises and a fuel bar designed by Gatorade to help players with their performance and recovery.

Work on the new practice fields began in May, with the fields raised 14 inches to improve drainage and new grass being brought in from Palm Desert. It also provides a more forgiving surface than the old one affectionately called "The Rock'' by players.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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