Olympic Security Goes 3D

You'll soon be able to scan yourself

Photographs? That's so last week.

Soon, the badge of honor will be a 3D image of yourself. And they're coming soon.

Artec, a Russian company with a strong presence in Palo Alto, is using advanced 3D scanning technology (with a boost from the Microsoft Kinect) to create 3D images of people. They're small - at least for now - about 1/20 of your actual size.

Artec's 3D scanning is also being used in Sochi, Russia, for security purposes during the Olympic Games. Its system, used at the Sochi Airport, is called "Broadway." Artec says workers were scanned before they arrived in Sochi, and the 3D images stored.  Beyond that, the technology will likely be used for everything from surgery to movie making.

It's just getting started .. get ready to become multi-dimensional.

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