Burrell Asked to Be Taken Out Mid-No-Hitter

Pat Burrell isn't the best defensive player in the world. In fact, he's pretty darn terrible in the field. But, hey, give him credit: at least he knows it.

That's how Burrell ended up going to manager Bruce Bochy and asking to be removed from Monday night's game, while Tim Lincecum was in the middle of trying to throw a no-hitter.

"I went in and talked to Bochy and said, 'Listen, I'd hate to be the guy that doesn't get to a ball that somebody else might catch," said Burrell.

Bochy obliged in the seventh inning, which is -- GASP! -- when Lincecum's no-hitter was lost.

You wonder, then, does this count as a jinx? Because I kind of think it does.

Carlos Gonzalez' hit wasn't going to be stopped, and, really, he just put a pretty good swing on a pretty good pitch.

But wouldn't Burrell suddenly being replaced kind of mess with Lincecum's head a bit? It's not unusual to see outfield swaps for the Giants, given the disastrous nature of Aubrey Huff and Burrell in the corner outfield spots, but it probably is a little odd to see Bochy make the move with the Giants up 8-1.

Theoretically, you can definitely argue that with a seven-run lead it might make more sense, because you've already got the runs and now you need the defense, but changing things in the middle of a no-hit bid is a bid awkward.

Not as awkward as Burrell's ability to run the ball down in the outfield, but, yeah, pretty awkward.

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