Patriots Pursuing Raiders DE Burgess

While the 2009 NFL Draft is over, teams are still willing to throw draft picks around in trades. And the New England Patriots are reportedly trying to throw one at the Raiders, reportedly a second or a third-round pick in exchange for two-time Raider Pro Bowl defensive end Derrick Burgess.

Should the Raiders hear them out, and take an early to mid-rounder for Burgess? Recall what happened the last time the Raiders traded an aging star to the Patriots for a mid-round pick. The Raiders acquired a fourth-round pick that ended up being cornerback John "Injured Reserve" Bowie. The Patriots acquired Randy Moss from the Raiders, who promptly shook his slump and broke the single-season touchdown reception record. Sorry to bring that up.  

We probably shouldn't dismiss the trade idea, though, just based on what happened with Moss. Burress is going on 31, but so too was Moss when the Raiders traded him. Burress' sacks are way down from his '05-'06 Pro Bowl peak. Burress rarely participates in off-season activities, and sat out last weekend's minicamp with the flu. There's speculation he's getting to ready to bellyache for a new contract, and the Raiders only have him under contract for the coming season.

If the Raiders could acquire a second-round pick in exchange for a guy who's only going to repeat his unimpressive 3.5-sack, 24 tackle, six-games-missed performance from 2008 -- and then become a free agent and walk -- they they ought to do that deal quicker than Darrius Heyward-Bey on astroturf.

Yet we don't really know if the Pats are offering a second. That's just internet speculation. But considering that two seasons ago we gave them the NFL's all-time single-season touchdown catch leader for a fourth-round pick, you'd think the Raiders are owed a little gratuity here.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who won't hesitate to throw an automatic gratuity on Bill Belichick's tab.

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