Pence, Fans Have Faith in San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants have some work to do after the All Star break.

The team currently stands in fourth place of the NL West division. Outfielder Hunter Pence said the two-time World Champions are ready to swing their way back to the top.

"We've got a lot of work to do. Got a challenge," Pence said. "It's gonna take some determination, some grit, some belief, we’re gonna need everyone again."

By everyone he means players, managers and fans.

Fans were on on deck before Friday's showdown with the division rival Arizona Diamondbacks, treating their Giants like rock stars.

Some fans traded advice for an autograph.

"I think they need to be better as a team, each individual," said Chris Lauser, a lifelong fan. "I don’t think they need to make any major trades or anything like that."

Pence said he'll take the advice, but don't try and motivate the team with sweets.

Pence wants his team to be healthy.

"No baked items we need vegtables, healthy things," he said.

Starting healthy is one way to beat a slump -- a slump that has ticket prices dropping on resale sites.

Fans said it's a great time to come to the ballpark.

"When you got pandas, and giraffes, and white sharks, and who knows what else, it’s a zoo and most people at the zoo are happy," Lauser said.

The zoo went wild Friday night when the Giants beat the first-place Diamondbacks 2-0.

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