Philly Accuses Their Own of Trying to Slip Laxatives to the Giants

Lucky for the San Francisco Giants they didn't have to stay in Philadelphia for game seven.

An extra day in the city of brotherly love may have cost them their health, or at least some extra time in their hotel bathroom.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that last Friday night, Giants players Pat Burrell and Brian Wilson were out with a few teammates at a restaurant in Philadelphia called Del Frisco's.

A group of women reportedly recognized the players and tried to give their hometown Phillies a little help. You think the beards gave them away? The newspaper reports that the women tried to convince the players' waiter to slip some Ex-Lax in their food.

But apparently the server refused to the attempted sabotage, because when they took the field Saturday night, they looked like a bunch of regular guys.

Maybe something got lost in translation and the fans were really trying to buy the guys a drink. But it's not hard to believe a city that famously booed Santa Claus and whose writers compared the Phillies lose to the Giants to the Great 1906 Earthquake, might go to any means to win.

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