Posey Sends Message to Fans

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One day after successful ligament surgery, Giants catcher Buster Posey reached out to fans to thank them for their prayers and well wishes.

Posey sent the following message:

"Sorry I haven't been able to post any updates until now. Yesterday's surgery was successful and I'm going to do everything I can to be back better than ever in 2012. I've also had some time to read through the thousands of posts and I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. It has meant a lot to me and my family and we appreciate the support"

Officially out for the rest of the season, Posey is putting on a strong face for the fans. The season-ending surgery repaired three ligaments in his ankle that were torn during a collision at home plate in an extra inning game against the Marlins.

During a phone conference last week, Posey told beat reporters that the injury would not cause him to leave the squatting position during games, promising to be back as catcher in 2012.

Saturday's surgery is the first of at least two for Posey.  Giants trainer Dave Groeschner said doctors will need to go back in, in a couple months and take out the pins they placed over the weekend.

"We're very pleased with how his ankle came back together, Groeschner said.

The surgery was performed in Burlingame by Dr. Ken Akizuki, foot specialist Dr. Larry Oloff and 49ers orthopedist Dr. Michael Dillingham, according to reports.

Groeschner said the prognosis is good. "He just had a very devastating injury, he just had surgery and he still has a long rehab process to go. We're optimistic and we'll see how he does at the end of the summer, where he's at,"  Groeschner added.

Posey could need a third surgery next year or in the coming years depending on the amount of scar tissue that forms, Groeschner said.

For now fans should know that Posey is "fairly comfortable" and on the official road to recovery.

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