Pro Surfer Killed at Mavericks

Surfer's wife flew into Bay Area from Hawaii Thursday

The thrill of chasing big waves turned tragic at Mavericks when professional big surfer Sion Milosky was found unconscious in the water.

Cal fire says it responded to a drowning report around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. Maverick's surfer Ken Collins told the Mercury News that Milosky was pulled down by something he called a "two-wave hold down." 

Milosky was rushed to the hospital, but doctors could not save him.

Friends say he was in the Bay Area just to ride the legendary waves at Mavericks. He told surfing magazine in November one of his goals was to enter theMavericks’ contest.

Surfer Grant Washburn was in the water Thursday and said the waves were near 40 feet tall.

Other Witnesses tell NBC Bay Area News they saw Milosky wipe out on a wave and his surf board was ripped away from him.

Friends posted rest in peace messages on his Milsoky's facebook page Wednesday night.

Below is a video clip narrated by Milosky where he talks about his love for surfing.

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