Jersey Fouls: Love for the ‘Saatl' Bros., and a White Stripes tribute

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, e-mail a photo to us at for inclusion in future installments.

If Washington is the epicenter of Jersey Fouls, then eBay is the clearing house. Puck Daddy reader Jeff Boone sends in an eBay two-fer featuring a Calgary Flames Jarome Iginla jersey and what we imagine was an attempt to create a Marc Staal New York Rangers sweater.

Here's the thing about these eBay Jersey Fouls: people actually buy them. There hasn't been a bid on the "Saatl" jersey yet, but the jacked-up No. 21 Iggy sweater went for $41! Even though, as the seller mentioned, "one sleeve is missing the number 1."

Then there's this weird anomaly from eBay on a Todd Ewen San Jose Sharks jersey, from Puck Daddy reader Arian:

Can't say we've ever seen a name but no number before. Although it does say something poignant about the impact he made during his one season in San Jose.

As good as eBay has been to our ongoing study of Jersey Fouls, it's the ones found roaming the halls of hockey arenas that continue to fascinate us. Like, for example, the ultimate tribute to Jack and Meg White. And some guy named "Horn E. Man."

At a recent Washington Capitals game, we were staring at this dude's jersey like a magic eye puzzle ("It's not a schooner, it's a sailboat!"), mainly because he had a hood obscuring the first word and making it all seem rather lewd.

After a while, we got it: Jack White, The White Stripes. Bingo Bango.

We've seen you guys give a pass based on creativity before (witness the Los Angeles Kings Frankenjersey); is this clever enough to avoid the fail?

On the other end of the spectrum, we present to you "Horn E. Man" from Puck Daddy reader Tim at a Wheeling Nailers game. "Horn E. Man" ... No. 1 ... Nailers. Sure.

Meanwhile, check out this sweater of FlamesMILF, who has a profile on the NHL's social networking site NHL Connect. Oh, sorry ... this is the sweater of the No. 1 FlamesMILF. Respect asked and received, m'lady. (Friend of Puck Daddy The Opiated Sherpa is guilty for this one.)

Puck Daddy reader Kim K. sent over this image of what she believes is an Ottawa Senators "Gluteus Maximus" jersey from a game in South Florida. We disagree; it looks a little like the Dallas Stars' third jersey from a few years back. Either way ... seriously?

Finally, we've been alerted to the existence of these ghastly "Enforcer" jerseys by Puck Daddy reader Damon, who saw this Boston Bruins model and others on the Hockey Attire Web site. As Damon said: "Enforcer Jersey? Sleeveless?! Could you imagine Laraque v. Thornton, rippling muscles hanging out everywhich way, squaring off in these travesties? Maybe that's why they're 70% off."

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