Puck Headlines: How do you plan to celebrate Scott Hartnell Night?

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• Big Dmitry interview coming up around 1 p.m. EST. Please do check it out.

• It's finally here: The Philadelphia Flyers' Scott Hartnell Night, in which the first 5,000 fans, and everyone 14-and-under, will receive Scott Hartnell wigs. You know who we feel bad for? The kid who gets his wig ripped off in the men's room by adult Flyers fan No. 5,001. Hartnell hasn't had a haircut in 18 months. This story curiously doesn't mention anything about "washing." [Philly.com]

• From ESPN's Pierre LeBrun: "The Flyers may not have the superstar stud up front like Alex Ovechkin or Evgeni Malkin, but, collectively, their top eight is tough to beat in the East." Please allow us to spark the debate over whether or not Mike Richards, he of the 74 points and the universal praise around the league, qualifies as a star. [ESPN]

• Meanwhile, reality is setting in for the Florida Panthers and their playoff drive, via George Richards: "These guys are fried. They can still turn things around, still get up into eighth place and make the playoffs. But not playing like this. As Dennis Green once said, 'they are who we thought they were.' It's November all over again. And that's not good." Yuck. [On Frozen Pond]

• Why, despite his incredible success behind the Pittsburgh Penguins bench, GM Ray Shero shouldn't be in a hurry to take the interim tag off of coach Dan Bylsma. [Post Gazette]

Nicklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings has a legitimate claim for the Norris Trophy again ... but it's not likely he's going to win it. [The Sports Forecaster, via Snapshots]

• After our "For Dummies" look at the NCAA Tournament, Dan Rusanowsky presents an informative (and San Jose Sharks-centric) preview of the college hockey draw. [Seagate]

• Ken Hitchcock talks about the local euphoria surrounding the Columbus Blue Jackets, although he curiously refers to the doughnut shop he frequents as a "coffee shop." [Dallas Stars Blog]

Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Marin Gerber losing his mind was the best thing to happen to Justin Pogge. [Toronto Sun]

Ryan Kesler gets a lesson in economics and locker room politics. [Vancouver Sun]

• Very interesting follow-up from John Glennon on the potential rematch between Jordin Tootoo of the Nashville Predators and Brad Staubitz of the San Jose Sharks: "Staubitz - in mixed martial-arts fashion - used his padded elbow to hammer Tootoo several times, bloodying Tootoo's face and forcing Tootoo to miss a large chunk of the game while getting medical attention. Neither Tootoo, Predators General Manager David Poile nor league executives had ever seen such a tactic used. There's no specific rule that addresses it - or forbids it." The fight, in case you missed it, is below. [Tennessean]

• Dallas Stars owner Tom Hicks confirms that he's willing to sell up to 49 percent of the team because of the recession. Which means he's once again ignored our suggestion for raising money by renting Steve Ott out as a clown for children's parties. [Defending Big D]

• If Tom Poti is, in fact, 100 percent healthy, then what the heck is wrong with the Washington Capitals defenseman? Besides, you know, being Tom Poti? [Japers Rink]

• Fan-zine The Committed Indian, to which we're contributing a Q&A this week, presents a rather touching tribute to former Chicago Blackhawks star Jeremy Roenick. [Second City Hockey]

Zach Parise is poised to break the New Jersey Devils record for shots on goal in a season. No wonder he was so buddy/buddy with Ovechkin at the all-star game. [Fire & Ice]


• Finally, this was a fun fight last night between John Scott of the Minnesota Wild and Joel Rechlicz of the New York Islanders, featuring a helmet necklace, hair pulling and some massive punches landed by both fighters. Good show, but Hockey Fights gives Scott the win.

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