Video: Jigsaw's pregame pep talk for the Tampa Bay Lightning

We've been looking for this clip all weekend. To commemorate the opening of "Saw V," that mischievous puppet Jigsaw (a.k.a. Billy the Puppet) was featured in a surreal pregame video before the Tampa Bay Lightning's game against the San Jose Sharks on Saturday night. Threats were made, comedy was attempted and bad acting was plentiful.

Did Ryan Malone just pull a hockey stick out of some guy's pants while Mike Smith was watching?

Jigsaw failed to inspire the Bolts, as they were shut out 3-0 by the Sharks. Wonder which way Oren Koules would have bet last week if he had to guess what would be higher: The Lightning's shot total or the weekend gross in millions for "Saw V"? (Hint: Horror won over horrible.)

The "Saw V" masks were one thing. But if this wacky ownership group's outside interests lead to more pregame sketches involving NHL players bantering with homicidal puppets, count us in. Things we're getting iffy, but now we're practically bathing in Koules-Aid again.

By the way, The Tampa Bay Lightning Ice Girls have a calendar. And we'll be back in about three and a half minutes ...

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