Raiders Want Coliseum Demolished; A's Scoff

The same building the A's may occupy for another decade must be destroyed, say Raiders.

One man's Coliseum is another man's rubble pile.

The Oakland Raiders say they're in talks to tear down and replace Coliseum -- the same Coliseum the A's are currently trying to sign a 10-year lease to remain in, according to reports.

Just what is happening? It could be a lot of hot air, say county officials and A's team executives.

Planners of Coliseum City, the project that would see the area around the much-maligned county-owned Coliseum turned into offices and homes, say that they're close to inking a deal with the Raiders that would see a new football stadium open on Coliseum grounds by 2018, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The stadium would need to be demolished by next year -- which would be the first year of a long-term lease the A's are close to signing.

The Raiders say they're working on a deal to "play elsewhere" while the demolition and construction are ongoing. Just where was not specified.

Officials with the county say the Raiders and Coliseum City are bluffing -- they have no capital and they have no developer, according to the newspaper.

A's team officials also expressed doubt at the football team's sincerity.

But it's all another twist in an already-messy deal over who can play where in Oakland.

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