Raiders, Seymour Talking Long-Term Deal

Remember back in early September when Richard Seymour refused to come here from Boston because he supposedly so did not want to be an Oakland Raider?

It turns out Richard Seymour does want to be an Oakland Raider. Possibly for the rest of his career.

The five-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman with the three rings was not in attendance at this weekend's voluntary Raiders mini-camp, but he had a good enough reason. Seymour, the Raiders' designated franchise player, is negotiating a long-term contract extension to stay a Raider.

Coach Cable told the Associated Press that the negotiations are why Seymour was not on hand for mini-camp. Jerry McDonald wonders in the Oakland Trib if Seymour's absence isn't just a fringe benefit of being the franchise player.

Still, what matters is that Seymour actively wants to remain with the Raiders, and is talking long-term. In today's NFL, "long-term" is generally regarded as no less than three years.

If the Raiders get this done, then that stupid trade where they gave up a first-rounder for Seymour instantly becomes a brilliant trade where they gave up a first-rounder for Seymour.

Fans had worried and  so-called experts had scoffed that the Raiders were giving up a top pick for a one-year rental of Seymour's services. A contract extension renders that issue moot, and we get back to debating whether or not Seymour still "has it".

I thought he was fun to watch in a Raiders uniform this season. He bullied around Philip Rivers all night in the opener when he had been a Raider all of two whole days, and eventually merited serious Pro Bowl consideration. I'd take Seymour over six Gerard Warrens.

Of course, at $13 mil a season, Seymour gets paid about the same as six Gerard Warrens.

 Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who shudders at the thought of a world with six Gerard Warrens.

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