Raiders' Johnathan Abram Offers Perfect Reaction to ‘Hard Knocks' Debut

NAPA -- If you watched the Raiders' "Hard Knocks" debut on Tuesday night, there was no doubt who the breakout star of episode one was. 

Rookie safety Johnathan Abram stole the show from the opening minutes. The Mississippi State product's aggression and desire to hit was on full display, with head coach Jon Gruden asking the rookie to tone it down when going against his own guys.

There also were a few comical moments with Abram, from his horseback ride with fellow rookie Clelin Ferrel to dinging quarterback Derek Carr's car and mispronouncing the word salmon, Abram became the early face of "Hard Knocks." 

Following Wednesday's joint practice session with the Los Angeles Rams, Abram was asked about his "Hard Knocks" debut and whether or not he agreed with the way he was portrayed. 

"I mean ... honestly, I really don't know what to think," Abram said when asked about his feelings on the premiere. "I mean it's just the inside. It shows what we do on a daily basis. That's it.

"I mean, that's just me," Abram said about how he came off in episode one. "I'm a kid off the field, you know, man on the field. I like to have fun." 

Of course, Abram was asked if he still thought salmon is pronounced "sal-mon."

"Sal-Mon not salmon," Abram said with a chuckle. "I mean give me a couple words where the L is silent." 

When presented with the word calf, Abram offered his own pronunciation. 

"Like a CAL-F. You don't hear the F? I know a couple. Like could and should and would, the L is silent. But I just think salmon should be SAL-MON instead of salmon. "

What about his horsemanship skills?

"There's a lot of stuff the world don't know," Abram said. 

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Abram has drawn rave reviews from his teammates and coaches so far during training camp. But Carr has a thing or two he thinks the rookie needs to work on. 

"I watched it, yeah," Carr said when asked about "Hard Knocks." "Tell John Abram to move his car."

What about the great pronunciation battle of Raiders training camp?

"It's definitely salmon," Carr said laughing. "I don't know what he's talking about. But like I said, that guy never needs to change."

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