Raiders' Johnathan Abram Reveals Craziest Thing He Saw at Snoop Dogg's House

Raiders' defensive back Johnathan Abram has been keeping busy since undergoing season-ending shoulder surgery. After being among the major talks heading into training camp, the 27th overall draft pick, he's been the one talking.

He recently stopped by Jalen & Jacoby to talk about Snoop Dogg. And Abram has been to the place where Snoop calls home.

"Just the house itself," Abram said. "It's more of a compound. They got security outside, and you think you're pulling up to a regular building."

But it's Snoop's house. 

Snoop was recently criticized for his Midnight Madness performance on Friday night. But as he said, "When you pay Snoop Dogg, you gonna get Snoop Dogg."

The performance consisted of dancing on poles, and money being thrown around. Typical Snoop Dogg style. 

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That's all part of the brand, as Abram said. So the event of Dogg's he attended at the house was no different.

That would be a fun party to attend, and at least now we know what to expect. 

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