Random Marlins Fan at Giants Game Unveiled

If you've been watching the Giants these last few weeks -- and if you're reading this, we'll assume you have been -- you probably, at some point, noticed a random Marlins fan behind home plate cheering on the Giants.

It's possible you missed him, since he's wearing orange just like a Giants fan would. But because it says "MARLINS" in Miami's hideous letter-coloring on the front, you probably haven't missed him:

This gentleman was originally spotted during the NLCS and popped back up on Wednesday night during Game of the World Series.

Thankfully, SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson has a curious streak, and went down to find out what the man's deal is. Turns out, he's a Marlins season-ticket holder and a sports fan who happens to bring good luck to teams when he wears that orange Marlins jacket.

"I'm a season ticket holder," he says. "I was in New York for the Yankees games [for the ALCS] I was all over. I just love baseball. I wear the same thing, everywhere I go."

OK, so maybe it's not all good luck. But the man, whose name is Laurence Leavy, started wearing the jacket when he went to a Miami Heat NBA Finals game, during a white-out, wearing his orange jacket ... and the Heat won.

Leavy told Nelson that he doesn't get a hard time about attending different sporting events in the Marlins gear and that at this point he's now been to 26 Super Bowls and 80 (!) World Series games.

So he might look like an oddity, hanging out with a friend of his behind home plate in San Francisco, but the reality is that having Leavy is a good thing: it probably means your team made the postseason.

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