Rapper Sellassie Could be Next Ashkon

It's not quite the status of Ashkon's San Francisco Giant anthem, but it has the potential.

A new rap song is making the rounds here in the Bay Area that has San Francisco Giants baseball fans thinking about a little diddy that became infamous in the weeks ahead of the team's World Series victory.

It's an "ode to the 49er" anthem written by Sellassie -- a rapper, a San Francisco native and a big sports fan.  It's part rap, part Jim Harbaugh locker-room speak weaved into the song "Faithfully” by Journey. 

The song was posted on YouTube ahead of Saturday's big win and has about 8,000 clicks.

It was produced by J-DEF and credits San Francisco rappers Equipto, Baldhead Rick, Shag Nasty, Curt Sak and Ike Plump for helping out with the song. (Clip is below jump.)

You'll remember it was another Journey song that became the San Francisco Giants anthem in 2010. Musician Ashkon wrote lyrics to Don't Stop Believing. That video has more than 2.6 million YouTube hits.

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