Rashad Johnson Shows Off Lopped Finger in a Tweet

WARNING: Graphic images below

Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson unknowingly lost a finger during game on Sunday and used what digits he had left to tweet about it.

Johnson displayed the grisly injury in a tweet Monday night that included a photo of the severed middled finger from three different angles -- just in case there was confusion that it was a lopped off finger.

Johnson removed his gloves from the sidelines at Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints and noticed that a part of his middle finger went missing. After he found it in his glove, Johnson was removed from that game and he and his middle finger went to the hospital.

"I'm not even sure how it happened," Johnson told USA Today. "If I had to take a guess, I would say maybe it dug into the turf there and snapped back and broke it that way. My glove was torn or ripped, which makes me think it didn't get caught in a facemask or a cleat stepped on it."

If the gruesome injury sounds painful, that's because it was.

"Had exposed bone and skin shaved down yesterday and stitched up. Prob most painful injury I've had," he tweeted.

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