Reed on the A's: “Our Odds are Better than 50-50”

San Jose may be finally getting into the big league baseball business.

The city will hold their first official discussion about the possibility of bringing the Oakland Athletics baseball team to San Jose.

The city's rules and open government committee will consider guidelines for pursuing relocation talks with Major League Baseball and the team itself.

A move to San Jose would require Major League  Baseball officials to alter current territorial restrictions. San Jose has long been considered San Francisco Giants territory.

The meeting is open to the public and will take place at 2 p.m. in room W-118 at San Jose City Hall.

After the meeting, the issue will most likely move forward to the city council for further discussion.

The rules in open government committee of San Jose is expected to put the "San Jose A's" issue on the city council agenda on April 7.

San Jose mayor Chuck Reed told NBC Bay Area that he has been in touch with the A's owner, Lew Wolff.

"What's your sense talking to Mr. Wolf about the possibility of this happening?" NBC Bay Area reporter Bob Redell asked.
"I'm very optimistic about this happening," Reed said. "Lew has always been interested in San Jose. That's where he started looking for another stadium. We've got a great site -- an environmental impact report. We do have this hurdle, Major League Baseball, their territorial rights. That's something that Mr. Wolff has to think about.  He's taken spring break off to think about baseball for a while. But we need to get ready, get ourselves in the best position possible. So if Major League Baseball gives us a call, we'll be ready to get into the game."

"Attractive" to Lew Wolff

"You're doing the prep work, I guess, in case they do express interest?" Redell asked.

"There is a lot of prep work that we need to do," Reed said. We need to work with the neighborhoods to solve the problems that may happen as a result of the stadium. We need the political support and the support with business and labor. Get the fan base up in and excited and ready to go."

"Now the A's initially showed interest in San Jose but the territorial rights precluded that. Then they went to Fremont and it has fallen through. The location was initially  discussed on Park Avenue. Is that still the location being discussed now if there were to be a new stadium?" Redell asked.

"That is the location we've identified previously, we've done the environmental clearance on that location. It's a great site for baseball. That's one of the reasons why it makes it very attractive to Lew Wolff. We hope we can work with Major League Baseball and they'll want to allow the A's to come here," Reed said.

"If you were to put money on this -- if you were a betting man -- I know there are a lot of variables here. What does your gut tell you about this happening?" Redell asked.
"I'm not a betting man," Reed said. "But I think our odds are better than 50-50. You don't get these opportunities very often. We need to prepare ourselves to take advantage of it if it comes our way."

"You think it will be on the agenda?" Redell asked.
"I think the city council will discuss it and give the fans a chance to come out and say what they think."

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