A's to Stay at Oakland Coliseum — Unless Raiders Get New Stadium: Report

Written into the A's new lease at the Coliseum is an out-clause that involves the Raiders.

The A's are staying put, swears owner Lew Wolff.

That is, as long as nothing happens to the O.co Coliseum.

If the Raiders and the City of Oakland craft plans to build a new stadium at the coliseum, the A's will get a two-year notice and the ability to pull up stakes and move elsewhere, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

East Bay officials want to build a new development called "Coliseum City" with housing as well as a professional sports venue where O.co currently sits.

The A's are OK with that, the newspaper reported, especially because the team has already emphatically rejected a downtown and waterfront option for baseball.

Major League Baseball has also nixed that proposal -- and has yet to be compelled by a court to do anything about the situation in San Jose, where Wolff wants to move. He has not yet been given permission, with a lawsuit pending.

Coliseum City, if approved, could include new venues for both the A's and the Raiders, the newspaper reported.

The main thing is that the A's are in it to buy, not to rent. "Under no circumstances" would the A's be a tenant of someone else in a new facility, he told the newspaper.

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