R-I-L-E-Y-L-A-N-D: Children's Fairyland Gives Nod to Riley Curry With Sign

Children's Fairyland in Oakland became "Rileyland" on Friday as the Golden State Warriors were prepared to march through Oakland, trumpeting their NBA championship.

Fairyland changed its colorful sign to read R-I-L-E-Y-L-A-N-D as a nod to Warriors' guard Steph Curry's adorable 2-year-old Riley Curry, whose post-game antics have created a wave of love for the spunky toddler.

"We have literally seen thousands of toddlers here at Children's Fairyland," said executive director CJ Hirschfield. "And we are here to celebrate the wonder and spirit of toddlers. Who better than Riley Curry? Let's face it. She's amazing."

Employees are even answering the phone with a "Rileyland" greeting on Friday, Hirschfield said.

Hirschfield said that Fairyland's horticulturalist Jackie Salas came up with the idea, which was executed by Shannon Taylor, along Harrison Street.

Children's Fairlyand on Bellevue Avenue has been an institution in Oakland since 1950, and boasts whimsical storybook sets, "gentle rides" and friendly animals for small children.

Hirschfield said that she hasn't witnessed Riley herself, but she has heard that the little girl has visited Fairyland in the past.

A replay of Friday's victory parade and rally can be viewed on NBC Bay Area's Warriors page.

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