49ers Winning Because Smith Backs Giants

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Alex Smith, much like the 49ers, is shocking the world right now.

After throwing three touchdowns in San Francisco's 48-3 beatdown of the Buccaneers on Sunday, Smith is the third highest rated passer in the NFL behind Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

It's a weird, weird world. And really, there's only one explanation: Jim Harbaugh is more magical than Tim Tebow.

Or, alternately, Smith finally decided to ditch being a Padres fan and jumped onto a bandwagon that isn't totally for losers: the San Francisco Giants!

This excellent collage work comes to us via @SFGiantsFans, and it's legit you guys.

Smith grew up a Padres fan and up until last year, as a member of the freaking San Francisco 49ers, he was wearing a Padres hat.

San Francisco dislikes Los Angeles in an angry way in baseball, but the city's lack of a football team (*snicker*) makes them a little hard to hate for football purposes. (Yeah, that was a total cheapshot.)

As far as the Giants-Padres thing goes, you don't play for the Niners and root for the Padres. That's like, the analogy Hank Williams Jr. was trying to make. Or something.

"The one thing I've always appreciated are loyal fans, so I'm not going to stop rooting for the Padres," Smith said. "But I'm a Giants fan, too."

This, folks, is a brilliant PR move. And I'm gonna lob out that it was Harbaugh's idea too -- he probably scoped out that Smith was wearing a Pads hat in the locker room and got him to change to a Giants hat.

And while he was at it, he clearly sent Smith to the tanning salon and bought him a beard trimmer. And possibly replaced him with a cyborg who doesn't throw interceptions.

So yeah, it's either Extreme Makeover: NFL Edition, or Smith's no longer cheering for a team that's made the playoffs five times in the last 40 or so years.

Whatever: it's working, so keep it up.

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