San Francisco 49ers Seek to Lower Rent Paid to Santa Clara for Levi's Stadium

San Francisco 49ers’ officials are seeking a multi-million dollar break on the rent the team pays Santa Clara for Levi’s Stadium.

So far, the 49ers have paid the city $24 million a year, but according to their lease, the team is entitled to a rent re-set, as it is called. But the team now wants to pay $20.25 million moving forward.

Bob Lange, a spokesperson for the 49ers, said that number was reached after months of discussion with the Stadium Authority of Santa Clara.

In a statement Lange said, "The stadium lease between the Stadium Authority and the San Francisco 49ers in 2013, which was unanimously approved by the council, calls for an adjustment of facility rent based on actual debt service and operating results following the first year of stadium operations."

But Santa Clara Vice Mayor Teresa O’Neill says she is not convinced the city should lower the rent.

"I’m extremely leery of changing the rent at this time," she said.

O’Neill is asking for a second audit to take a closer look at how much the city has had to shell out for the stadium’s unexpected costs, including public safety expenses. She says the council needs a clearer picture of how much money it really needs to cover expenses.

"We need a much more detailed discussion because this will be the rent we charge for the next 25 years," she said.

The 49ers, however, say even if a rent adjustment is approved, the team would still be paying more than two times the next highest rent paid by any NFL team.

City council members late Tuesday were discussing the matter and were expected to make a vote. The deadline to reset the rent is April 1.

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