San Francisco Finally Learns Something About the America’s Cup

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San Francisco is at least guaranteed one thing about the America's Cup: Larry Ellison's partner won't be coming.

Team Oracle is losing its BMW partnership. The two companies first joined forces in 2002 to form a team that was led by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Thursday BMW decided to pull its participation from the 2013 tournament, which is being fought over by San Francisco and Newport, R.I.

If BMW had stayed, the company would have played a role in which city was chosen to host the tournament since it was part of the current winning team.

Meanwhile San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said his city has "tweaked" its deal to  host the 2013 tournament.

San Francisco was seen as the front runner to land the racing regatta but recent setbacks have organizers looking at Rhode Island.

Newsom told the San Francisco Chronicle that the changes are immaterial and are more to offer assurances to Ellison to sway him to choose San Francisco. A decision is expected by Dec. 31.

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