San Francisco Giants Celebrate Earth Day, Work to Conserve Water

The San Francisco Giants are celebrating Earth Day by composting peanut shells and asking fans to pick up after themselves.

The team is very close to eliminating landfill waste, but need help on conserving water.

Giants Senior Vice President of Ballpark Operations Edgar Garcia said the team has been cutting back on watering the field for sometime. Power washing also is something the team is working to cut back on.

Before every game, AT&T Park cleanup crews are using high-pressure hoses to wash down seats and concrete in the park.

The Giants said 4,000 pounds of peanut shells are picked up after every game. The shells are thrown into a recycling center underneath the stands.

Major League Baseball awarded the Giants a green glove every year for the past seven seasons for being a recycling leader.

The Giants are now asking fans to help battle California's historic drought by cleaning up after themselves so crews do not have to resort to power washing.

"People are not accustomed to thinking about that when they come to ball games and we got to start thinking that way," Giants Senior Vice President of Administration Alfonso Felder said.

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