Giants’ Latest Message: ‘It Gets Better’


The San Francisco Giants are continuing their record as a classy franchise and taking community service within professional sports to a new level, by recording an "It Gets Better" video to benefit the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

The "It Gets Better Project" is a website and organization dedicated to helping "young people who are lesbian, gay, bi or transexual see how love and happiness can be a reality in their future."

Dan Savage started the project to help such LGBT-oriented youth who are "taunted" realize that they are not alone in the world.

The Giants will be the first team in the history of professional sports to record a pro-LGBT video, further showing the amazing nature of the team and the community surrounding it.

"Details of the video are still being worked out so I can't provide you with specifics," Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter said, per SF Weekly. "But we are confirmed to produce and post a video."

In recent weeks, the discussion of sexual orientation in sports has come under increased scrutiny. This was made perfectly clear by the brew-ha-ha surrounding Braves' pitching coach Roger McDowell's incident at AT&T Park and his resulting suspension.

And, as recently as Sunday night, Grant Hill of the Phoenix Suns recorded a public service announcement for "Think B4 You Speak," which aired TNT during the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Hill, as noted by Drew Magary of NBC's "The 20," came under an unbelievable amount of scrutiny for his decision to do so, which only illustrates how difficult it is to approach the subject of sexual orientation in the world of professional sports.

The Giants' decision to do so is refreshing and impressively open-minded. Hopefully, it'll open the door for further acceptance of "differences" in the locker room and provide inspiration to youth who feel troubled by their sexual orientation.

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