San Francisco Giants World Series Trophy Flies to Native NYC For 3rd Time

"It doesn't get old," CEO Larry Baer says

The San Francisco Giants World Series Trophy sat comfortably in First Class seat 2C on Wednesday as it made its third trip from San Francisco to New York City to show off its gleaming success to its native city.

The shiny gold award was accompanied by team president and CEO Larry Baer, who insisted he was not tired of making the cross-country trip to the Big Apple, even though he did it before in 2010, 2012 and again in 2014.

"It doesn't get old," Baer told a crew of reporters just before the Virgin American flight took off from San Francisco International Airport. And then he quipped he would avoid "all trophy wife jokes."

Why New York? The Giants used to be the New York Giants until 1958, and the trophy is making a victory lap to the place where it all began.

As Baer pointed out, even though the Giants have long left New York, there are still children and grandchildren of longtime fans who remember the team, when they were first known as the New York Gothams.

"There's great love for the Giants in New York," he said.

NBC Bay Area's Bob Redell contributed to this report.

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