SF to Michael Jordan: Keep Your Stogies Off Our Links

Bill Clinton and Michael Jordan

All Michael Jordan wants to do is come to the City by the Bay and play, but San Francisco's laws have officials telling an American icon to butt out.

Jordan is in town for the Presidents Cup golf tournament.  He has more recognition than most of the players, but he is also getting attention for his habit of smoking cigars on the links.

That is against the law in San Francisco and, famous or not, city officials are asking him to put out the cigar while on their property.

 "I've already sent an e-mail to the PGA Tour director," Recreation and Park general manager Phil Ginsburg told the San Francisco Chronicle. "It was a gentle nudge reminding them that smoking is illegal and that we would appreciate their support."

Jordan lit up the stogies during Tuesdays practice rounds and it didn't take long before somebody noticed he was breaking the rules.  He's here as a guest of U.S. captain Fred Couples and serves at the U.S. team co-captain.

Jordan said he will "try" to contain himself.  

It may effect his game though.  John Madden says Jordan usually lights up four or five cigars per round.   Who knows?  Losing that stick in his mouth could effect his balance.

It looks like there is another visitor who will return home with an "only in San Francisco" story.

Of course Jordan isn't the only name forced to face the anti-smoking rhetoric of the Golden State.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a stogie fan.  When he learned he couldn't light up on the job, he built himself a smoking tent in a courtyard of the state capitol. 

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