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San Francisco Zoo Animals Disagree on Who'll Win the Super Bowl

There's a deep divide in the animal kingdom over who'll win this year's Super Bowl.

San Francisco Zoo resident Nataani, a Navajo Churro ram, has sided with the Los Angeles Rams and predicted the Southern California team will win Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta. But its zoo-mate leopard tortoise, named Bump n' Run, picked the New England Patriots as the winner.

The two animals made their choices Wednesday at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens. They had to choose between two plates of food with the teams' flag on top.

Being 38 years old, Bump n' Run has seen more Super Bowls than 10-year-old Nataani. But does that mean its prediction is more likely? It made a "tortoise"-line towards the Patriots after some detour, stopping to munch on some grass, said San Francisco Zoo spokesperson Nancy Chan.

On the other hand, Nataani went straight for the plate of mashed chow, bananas and apples with the Rams' flag, Chan said.

We won't know who will win the Super Bowl until Sunday, but at least the animals get to have some fun treats.

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