San Jose Sharks Home Opener on Tap

The boys of teal are back

 After a prolonged labor lockout by owners in the National Hockey League, the “men in teal” were back in teal at the Shark Tank. Wednesday afternoon they held a team practice ahead of Thursday night's home opener of this shortened season at the HP Pavilion.

“It's awesome,” said Jim Sparaco of the Sharks.“

"Its great for team sales, and merchandise sales and concession sales. Great to put concession workers back to work and have those extra events here at the HP Pavilion,” said Sparaco.

As the team skated on the ice during practice, Cameron Pasag was walking through the clothing rack s at the Sharks merchandise store.

“Oh its huge. I moved to Vegas, came back this year and made a promise to myself to go to more games,” said Pasag.

Another shopper, Suzette, was also excited about the return of her team.

“I have 3 old jerseys. and in need of new ones,” said Suzette Hrudowsky Down the street, at The Brit, the manager was glad business will begin to pick up with all the home games.

“It's been a little bare, “ said Sonny Walters. “We've been fortunate to have the Niners, but it's nothing like having the hometown favorites, Sharks back, right up the street.”

The Sharks are undefeated in the early season.

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