Santiago Casilla Walks on Four Pitches During First AB

Santiago Casilla, before Sunday, had never batted at the MLB level. 

As such, it's hard to imagine that any pitcher competent enough to make it to the bigs could conceivably be concerned about his ability to make contact with the ball on the bat.

Yet, somehow, Jose Cena managed to walk Casilla Sunday. On just four pitches. Via

Wha' happen'??? Because I don't know how you explain that. Casilla stood at least like three feet off the plate, was clearly not going to swing at the ball and yet Cena still just freaked out and couldn't get the ball over the plate.

That's a serious problem.

Of course, not as big a problem as the Giants being forced to -- at any point in the season -- use Casilla as a pinch-hitter, but we've known that for a while. 

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